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Frequently asked questions

How do I order catering?

With CateringJoy you can easily order catering directly from catering companies by filling in a single form, that can be found here. Through CateringJoy you can connect directly with caterer that fulfill your requirements. Within a few working days you will receive offers from caterers directly to your email. You can agree with the catering company on minor details or changes in your order. Choose the most suitable offer and enjoy the catering service! 


How long does it take to receive catering offers?

It can take from a few hours up to a few working days, depending on how many orders the catering firms have to process  each day.


How many orders can I receive at a time?

You may receive up to five offers, depending on reservations and your order criteria. Some caterers may be reserved during the specific date when you would need catering services, in which case you may receive less than five orders. We recommend ordering one or two cuisines at a time.


What do you mean by “suitable” offers?

Your order is matched with caterers on our large database, based on all the individual characteristics of both your order as well as the caterer. This automated process provides an equal chance for all caterers, and it helps match caterers and customers who suit each other, a win-win!


How do I pay for my order? 

After you have ordered and chosen your catering service, you will receive a bill from the catering company. Pay for the catering service directly to the catering company, according to their terms and conditions. 


Does it cost to use CateringJoy? 

No. Using the service is completely free of charge.


How is the price determined?

Every catering firm decides on their own offer and on their own prices.


How can I cancel my order?

For cancellations you have to contact the caterer who you bought catering services from. Refunds are done according to the caterer’s terms and conditions.